Timeless presence. Signature Rolls-Royce for the few who inspire greatness, Phantom.

Phantom with luxury architecture technology, a space frame made of 100% aluminum, are the first Rolls-Royce model to achieve higher stiffness and reduced noise with 5,762mm length (based on Phantom Standard WheelBase).

Phantom is an art work with elegantly balanced driving sense of Rolls-Royce magic carpet riding and Bespoke.

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Phantom has always been a peerless Rolls-Royce model. And, with its incomparably spacious Suite, Phantom is the embodiment of modern luxury.

The Collection is an elevated expression of Phantom's standing as the rarest, most desired motor car in the luxury world, strictly limited to just 25.

Phantom Tranquillity has two-tone exterior of Crystal over Arctic White and Silver Satin Bonnet and interior colors are Arctic White and Selby Grey inspired by moon.

The interstellar shadow gallery is an ode to the x-ray coded aperture masks used on the British Skylark space rocket.

Made of distinctive space-related materials, highly reflective stainless steel and 24k gold plating, the gallery lets you transcend into a world of your own.

Phantom Tranquillity offers a haven for those who wish to transcend earthly limits and experience unrivalled serenity.

A highly contemporary articulation of Rolls-Royce design and craft.

The meteorite volume controller isn't just an inspired rendition of a controller – it actually incorporates part of a shooting star.

The location and date of discovery of the meteorite has been engraved on the controller.

Come and experience what others will only witness – unrivalled tranquillity.


The reason why you should be an owner of Phantom.

Please contact your sales consultants and Rolls-Royce Cheongdam Boutique 02.512.5834 or Rolls-Royce Pangyo Lounge 031.622.7117 for special benefit for Phantom owner for limited time.

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