Black, always inspiring with infinite possibilities.

Rolls-Royce has 10 different black colors. There are pure black reminiscent of the dark night sky, sapphire black with deep blue light, crystal over black with beautiful pearls, black amber with mysterious brown, and iced black with dull, intense impression etc.

To finish off the Black exterior, GoodWood’s craftsmen polish at least 5 layers of paint with top-of-the-line wool for more than 12 hours, adding to the perfect, beautiful gloss of a piano finish.

Experience a variety of Black Badge models with strong black sensibility at Rolls-Royce Cheongdam Boutique and beautiful black Phantoms at Rolls-Royce Pangyo Lounge.

Special benefits will be available to customers who choose Rolls-Royce’s black until November.

For more information and inquiries, please contact Rolls-Royce Cheongdam Boutique or Pangyo Lounge, or click the Online Inquiry button to leave an inquiry.

▶ Rolls-Royce Chengdam Boutique 02.512.5834
▶ Rolls-Royce Pangyo Lounge 031.622.7117

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