The House of Rolls-Royce resides at the apex of a continually evolving world of luxury. Whilst aspirant brands and mass luxury manufacturers strive to create distinction amongst their peers, Rolls-Royce’s focus is one of furthering the realms of possibility, raising the bar of excellence and exceeding clients’ expectations.

A close dialogue with patrons of the marque provides an unparalleled understanding of the world’s most discerning customer’s needs. This, combined with obsessive research into new practices in design, technology and other complimentary industries, enable the marque to provide a considered and proactive response to their wishes.

It was these dialogues that revealed an emotional investment, such as that of commissioning a Rolls-Royce, must encompass all of the senses from the very onset of the journey. No longer is visiting a showroom a befitting part of this experience. Instead, a customer-immersive, experiential retail environment is desired.

From this position, a Boutique by the House of Rolls-Royce has evolved. A temple of luxury, redolent of the brand, where the commissioning of a Rolls-Royce motor car can be a moment to be savoured; a joyous, landmark moment, in which precious time is invested.

This innovative concept, now in its pilot stage, places the client at its core. Rolls-Royce Boutiques will reside amongst the fashion power houses and will focus on creating a Bespoke environment, tailored to the client, to encourage creativity and allow inspiration to flow freely.

The first of its kind opens in Seoul, Korea, this February. Patrons will be surrounded by the finest materials sourced from around the world, in an environment finished to the same exact standards to which patrons are accustomed in other facets of their lives – on their yacht, at their favourite hotel or in their private residences. A Rolls-Royce Boutique will be a universe of luxury without concession.

The architectural language of the Boutique has been developed with connoisseurs of luxury. Architects, material specialists and interior designers, none of whom purposefully have provenance in the automotive industry but have great authority in their respective fields, have been consulted to ensure a unique and immersive atmosphere is created, apt for the world’s foremost luxury brand.

At a glittering party marking the opening of the Rolls-Royce Boutique in Korea, Torsten Müller-Ötvos, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce, commented, “I would like to congratulate Kolon Motors on the opening of this beautiful boutique. Last year, the South Korean market grew at one of the fastest rates worldwide for us and this landmark occasion reflects not only Rolls-Royce’s position as the leading luxury house in the business of cars, but also Seoul’s position as a leader in the global luxury arena.”

The motor cars will be exhibited amongst artefacts and curiosities, leading clients to explore the endless possibilities for creative expression that Rolls-Royce offer.

Yesterday, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was an automotive manufacturer. Today, Rolls-Royce takes a further step on the exciting journey of becoming a true, House of Luxury.